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The Geneva Pædiatric Society or SGP is an association of independent pædiatricians with a private practice in Geneva. All members of the SGP are also members of the Association of Physicians of Geneva (AMG).

All Geneva Pædiatric Society Pædiatricians are trained physicians, and all are Board certified by the Swiss Medical Association (Fœderatio Medicorum Helveticorum: FMH).

Our Pædiatrician members are committed to :

  • Provide outpatient consultations in accordance with current scientific and ethical codes
  • Contribute to improving the physical, mental and social health of children by preventive measures
  • Practice family medecine, from birth until the age of 18
  • Provide outpatient consultations after business hours (in the evening, on weekends and holidays).
  • Follow the training required for updating medical knowledge through regular seminars in order to maintain the board certification in Pædiatric Medicine (to maintain FMH in Pædiatrics certification).
  • Ensure control of health costs, and defend economic and professional interests of all members.
  • Work ethics with a spirit of cooperation and respect.

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