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Pædiatricians with a private practice in the canton of Geneva have formed an association: The Geneva Society of Pædiatrics (SGP). All physicians of this association have obtained the title of specialist in Pædiatric Medicine FMH issued by the Swiss Society of Pædiatrics (SSP). A medical degree is obtained after six years of studies in medical school. Specialization in Pædiatric Medicine requires at least 5 additional years of training in Hospitals that are recognized training facilities and after successfully passing the board exam. Some pediatricians have a Pædiatrics sub-specialization after an additional 3 to 5 years and after successfully passing the board exam (neonatology, cardiology, pulmonology, gastroenterology, nephrology, endocrinology, rheumatology, allergy, dermatology, pædiatric development). To maintain their board certification (FMH in Pædiatric Medicine), physicians must comply with a certain number of hours of training per year (mandatory seminars).

The pædiatrician follows patients from birth to 18 years and cares about all aspects of physical and mental health while supporting families in education. Geneva Pædiatric Society is working with the various institutions of childhood in Geneva for socio- educational and preventive measures.

Physicians of the Geneva Society for Pædiatric provide a service of consultations after business hours (on evenings, weekends and Holidays) to meet the needs of the population and help decrease work load of the Geneva Cantonal University Hospital (HUG). These consultations are offered in three different locations in Geneva: Clinique Générale Beaulieu, Medical Group of Petit-Lancy, La Tour Hospital.

The Geneva Pædiatric Society also has Pædiatricians who collaborate with private clinics (Clinique Générale Beaulieu, Clinique des Grangettes and La Tour Hospital), providing an on call service for the Maternity and Neonatal care. These pædiatricians follow newborns from birth until discharge home.

Federal law on the practice of the medical professions in Switzerland was amended to allow the automatic recognition of foreign diplomas following the bilateral agreements of Schengen 8.10.1999 concerning the free movement of persons. As of 01/07/2013 to 30/06/2019, the opening of new private practices for foreign physicians is only possible under certain conditions. Only foreign doctors who worked at least 3 years in a recognized Swiss hospital or doctors who take over a private practice can work in their field of specialization. However, the cantons are free to apply this clause according to their needs.

Physicians of our association have training that meets the requirements of the Swiss Society of Pædiatrics and are committed to practice medicine in accordance with ethical and professional scientific rules.

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