Psychiatric, dental and ophtalmological emergency and treatment


Pedopsychiatric Emergency: Pedopsychiatric Treatment:
Hôpital des enfants Guidance infantile (from 0 to 4 years)
Phone: 022 382 45 55
Phone: 022 382 89 89
24/24 up to 16 years Chemin des Crêts-de-Champel 41
Address: Avenue de la Roseraie 47 1206 Genève
1205 Genève  
  Office médico-pédagogique (from 0 to 18 years):
HelpAdoLine(Suicide Prevention and Protection - CEPS) Phone: 022 388 67 00
Phone: 022 372 42 42
According to sector of treatment
One Number for oneself and for Others Direction: Rue David-Dufour 1
24h/24 1205 Genève
École des parents: www.ep-ge.ch
Association offering a non-medicalised support to parents and other people interested in educational matters, the goals being to build a harmonious relationship within the family and to enhance social links Tél: 022 733 12 00

Frise avec les enfants

Dental Emergency: Dental Treatment:
Service de garde de l'association des médecins dentistes de Genève Association des médecins dentistes de Genève
9-12 and 16-18 365days/year www.amdg.ch
  Service dentaire de la jeunesse:
  Phone: 022 546 42 00


During routine investigation, the paediatrician will send the children needing it to the Dentist.

All children are controlled once per year by Service santé de la jeunesse (SSJ)(Youth Health Service).

Ther children may visit the familiy-dentist, or the dental-clinic in their residential area.

Ophthalmological Emergency:
Policlinique d'ophtalmologie de l'Hôpital Cantonal de Genève
Phone: 022 372 84 00
Rue Alcide-Jentzer 22
1205 Genève
6:30-20:00 365days/year