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Children illness: Vaccinations:
has been developed by the emergency service of the children hospital in Geneva All the informations about vaccinations, by specialists. Registration to the electronic vaccination booklet.
«Vincent, Sophie et les autres...»
Two pædiatricians of the Société genevoise de Pédiatrie, Dr. Isabelle Germann-Nicod and Dr. Josiane Racine Stamm, developed this booklet, freely available on the website of the Swiss Society of Pædiatrics: For travellers...  

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Nutrition Pyramid:
an image of a healthy nutrition
Société suisse de nutrition:

Swiss Foundation for the promotion of breastfeeding:
Berufsverband Schweizerischer Stillberaterinnen IBCLC:
Introducing food to babies, according to the Swiss Society of Pædiatrics :

Contrepoids: (Counterweight!)
Program developed by the university hospital of Geneva, which cares about prevention and treatment/cure of obesity
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